Embodying Safety

Understand, tune into and befriend your nervous system so you can live, work and parent with more ease

30-day online programme that gives you the education, resources and support you need to create real lasting change in your life, for your family, and for your children.

"It's life-changing!" - S.B


Are you a parent, caregiver or professional who wants to show up for yourself, your children, and the people you care about in the best possible way?

  • Are you struggling to manage life, work or parenting challenges, and are fed up of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • Do you know something needs to change but you don't know where to start?
  • Have you tried anything and everything but nothing is working or "sticking"?
  • Have you and/or your children suffered trauma, and you want to build the solid foundations needed for real healing?
  • Do you want learn practical skills that minimise stress, anxiety and conflict, give you more choices and control in any situation, and help you navigate any challenges with more ease, however difficult?
  • Do you want to understand what's really going on for you, your children, and others?
  • Do you want to be able to take good care of yourself and prevent (or recover from) compassion fatigue, burnout or secondary trauma?
  • Do you want to raise compassionate, resilient and empowered kids and break generational cycles of trauma?
  • Do you want to become trauma informed at the deepest level?


If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then you're in the RIGHT place.

This is everything I wish I'd had access to

I don't want anyone to struggle alone like I did... trying to work out what to do on my own, hoping for the best and trying anything and everything, only for nothing to work in the short or long term. And I don't want any parents or children to go through the heartbreak, pain and suffering that my children and I did either... especially when they don't have to.

So I've done all the hard work for you to make your journey easier.

I get it. I REALLY get it. 

Hi, I'm Sian. I'm a therapeutic coach, educator and relational and developmental trauma specialist... but more importantly I'm a single mama of three young people who grew up around abuse, experienced 3 abusive relationships, and has been parenting traumatised children alone for the past 10 years, one of whom is autistic.

For most of my life I felt like I'd failed as a human being and as a mum.

I was struggling to manage my own stuff, let alone be there for my children in the way they needed. Everything was a struggle. I didn't have any support, felt isolated, lost and ashamed, and no-one understood. I tried to put on a brave face and "get on with things"... which kind of worked for a while until things got a lot worse!

So I went in search of the answers my children and I desperately needed, and discovered the key to real lasting change, supporting, nurturing and being with ourselves, our children, and others, and healing trauma.

That's when EVERYTHING started changing both for me and for my children... and since then this new kind of "work" and my unique approach to it, has changed everything for the hundreds of parents I've worked with too.

And it can change everything for YOU too.

That change starts right here... by understanding what's REALLY going on.

Lack of a felt sense of safety is epidemic

It's the disconnection and lack of safety we feel within our bodies, that happens as a result of trauma, that’s driving all the problems and challenges we're desperately trying to fix.

But most people are trying to solve these things at a surface level, without looking at or getting to the root cause of what's ACTUALLY driving them in the first place... which is why nothing we try works, or doesn't "stick", even if you're doing everything you've been taught to do!

Now don't get me wrong, there are many different modalities that can be helpful for us, but most of them don't get to the heart of the problem. They just put a plaster on things... which although can be useful in the short term, in the longer term, causes us lots of problems.


Human beings are a traumatised species and we live in a traumatising world.

And unresolved trauma is the biggest challenge that we, our children, and our world face.

Why is this? Underneath all the problems and challenges we face, is disconnection and a lack of safety deep within our bodies, driven by dysregulation within our nervous systems.... which time, cognitive approaches, and most therapies don't help us change... despite our best intentions and those of the people teaching us.

This keeps us stuck, struggling and suffering, affecting everything we do and don't do, often without us realising... our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, our ability to regulate stress and emotions, our sense of self and how we relate to ourselves and the world and people around us, how we navigate life’s challenges, the relationship we have with our children and everyone else, and our mental, emotional and physical health.

And this also recreates the thoughts, beliefs & behaviours that keep us from fully inhabiting our bodies and feeling safer and more connected too… that keep us from creating new and empowering experiences that are useful and helpful for us… that keep us from being the parents we want to be and our children need us to be… and keep us feeling stuck, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and disempowered. 

Why is why the work to support, nurture and heal our children or others needs to start with us. 


Over time, the effects of unresolved trauma only get worse, causing more problems and chaos in our lives, in our relationships, and with our health, and bringing us even more chaos, pain and suffering.

All because no-one's told us what's REALLY going on. Until now....

Everything starts with safety.

Your autonomic nervous system drives everything you do and don't do... how you connect, feel safe and trust... how you engage with the people and world around you... how you respond to and regulate stress, emotions and behaviour, and how you survive distressing, overwhelming and frightening experiences.

And the most important need we all have is to feel safe enough - in our environments, with other people, and in our bodies.

But this isn't something we can tell someone, they have to feel it... or rather their nervous system needs to SENSE it. 

Everything we think, feel and do is driven by how safe we do or don't feel in any given moment... yet safety is so often misunderstood, as are the needs of our unique nervous systems. 


When you understand what's really going on, it changes the way you look at and respond to everything.

When we learn the language of the nervous system and how our bodies work, everything makes more sense.

Then when we learn how to attune to ourselves, our needs, and our unique nervous systems and stress physiology, EVERYTHING can and does change... in our lives, in our relationships, with our health.

And we can then give our children the most precious gift a parent can... a brighter future.

When we build the capacity to become fully present for ourselves and in our lives, we can then become fully present for our children and the people we care about the most... we can navigate any challenges life brings us with more ease, however difficult... and we can heal trauma.... both individually and collectively.

And together we can then create the change that's desperately needed in our world too.


That's why I created Embodying Safety...

"This is amazing! It's the what and the why, but most importantly the how so you can put the learning into practise, taught by someone who really gets it! It's what I've been looking for for years without realising!!"


"If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer" - Dr Stephen Porges

Embodying Safety is a 30 day guided journey with simple to follow lessons and exercises that are easy to fit into your busy life.

The easy to digest lessons and exercises are only around 10 minutes long, with handouts to help you embed and practise what you're learning... and you can work though everything at your own pace.

You'll learn how the body works and why (and how trauma messes that up), and how to tune into your body and nervous system so you can build safety, capacity and regulation within it and create lasting change.

Everything you will learn is grounded in the latest neuroscience and Polyvagal theory, and is proven by hundreds of case studies.

You'll discover a whole new world of freedom and possibilities, and will notice changes in almost every area of your life!

And you'll be guided and supported every step of the way.


When you learn how your body works and why, it changes the way you look at and respond to everything, and opens a door to lasting change.


Learn how to tune into, work with and rewire your nervous system so you can find calm in any chaos and become more regulated.


Be guided, empowered and supported every step of the way, at the pace that's right for you. You won't be alone, we'll be right by your side!

How does Embodying Safety work?

Starting the moment you join, you'll get an email every day for 30 days that contains one of the following:

  • Biology of stress training - These easy to digest lessons, which are in both video and audio format, and have handouts to help you embed the learning, walk you through how the nervous system works and why. Understanding what's really going on gives you the context you need to use and practise the skills you'll learn, especially when you need them the most... and also helps reduce stress and anxiety, just from the learning! You'll also become trauma informed at the deepest level too, and these lessons will change the way you look at everything! 
  • Audio exercises - These easy to follow neuro-sensory exercises help you tune into your body and spark up your nervous system superpowers, while also taking good care of, befriending and trusting yourself in the simplest, yet most profound, of ways. Each exercise also has a short introduction lesson that is in both video and audio format. You'll learn how to find calm in any chaos and will build your capacity to regulate stress, emotions and behaviour. These exercises are game changers, and although they may seem simple, they are incredibly powerful!
  • Gentle nudges - These "rest days" are incredibly important, as it would be too much for your nervous system to have a lesson or exercise every day for a month with no break! These emails give you the opportunity to rest, repeat exercises, and integrate what you're learning... and they also give you the opportunity to catch up if you get behind too (but it's important that you work through everything at the pace that feels right for you).

You can access everything on any device, so it's easy to learn and practise at the best time, and in the best place for you... and you also get LIFETIME access to everything too (including any updates to the lessons, exercises or course)


You'll also get these bonuses:

Private facebook group where you'll be guided, empowered and supported every step of the way by me and my team, as well as everyone else walking this journey alongside you. It's a safe space where you can ask any questions you have, get the support you need, and share what you're learning and noticing, as well as celebrating your wins, big or small.

Weekly Live Q&A's inside our private facebook group where you can connect with me and others walking this path, and get any of your questions answered by me live. 

Additional lessons after the programme ends - 3 bonus lessons to help you continue practising what you've been learning, and practical help and guidance with integrating the practises and lessons into daily life. These will also help you navigate any challenges with more ease too, however difficult.

Zoom online class - once a month I run a live workshop where we practise the basics together of building safety, capacity and regulation, and come together as a community to share time, space and healing. You will get a free place in the next upcoming class after joining the programme, and will also receive a discount on any other sessions you would like to join after your 30-day journey ends.



Regulated nervous systems are essentially our body’s superpower! Not only can we regulate stress, emotions and behaviour, our lives, relationships and health improve too!


Safe and secure relationships bring connection and trust, as well as learning, growth and healing. We all need to feel seen, heard and understood, whatever we're experiencing.


With more regulation and safe, trusting relationships, we can overcome any challenges with more ease, however difficult, and "bounce back" without there being a lasting impact.


What people are saying...

"WOW! The nervous system really is the key... this has made such a difference! Everything made so much sense and helped more than 20 years of therapy!"


"This is SO GOOD and is such an amazing programme! I'd encourage anyone to sign up, this is life-changing!!"


""This has changed my life! Knowing what's been holding me back helped me let go of all the shame I've carrying... and everything is changing now!""



The time is now

We are living in unprecedented times, and our lives have changed in ways we would never have imagined possible at the beginning of this year.

The global pandemic has brought real (and often invisible) threats to the way we live, work and connect, and many unique challenges. Individually and collectively, we are living through traumatic times.

In times of high stress, crisis, and trauma, nervous system regulation, capacity and resilience is needed, and called upon, even more, especially as they also bring past unresolved traumas bubbling up to the surface, bringing us even more challenges.

So this new kind of "work" is now even more important than ever before.

The education, resources and support In Embodying Safety help us show up for, support and protect ourselves and our children. The capacity we have to embody safety, regulate our own nervous systems, and offer co-regulation for our children and others, will determine how we come out of this, and the impact it has on our lives.

We can protect ourselves and our children from the impact of these turbulent, uncertain times.... and the best way we can do that is to understand, tune into and befriend our unique nervous systems so we can show up for, be with, and support ourselves, our children and others... and heal trauma.

These times are calling us to awaken to the reality that human beings are a traumatised species and we live in a traumatised world... and we all have a responsibility to come together collectively to heal trauma... which is how we can and will create real change in our world, as well as in our lives and families.

If we do nothing, then sadly things are going to get a lot worse... so how we approach the coming weeks and months, matters more now than it EVER has before.

But we are also at another unique point in time, where for the first time ever in history, we now have the science, research and practices to create REAL lasting change in our lives, for our children, and for generations to come.

And that means we can give ourselves, our children, and each other the most beautiful gift that no generation before us has had the opportunity to give.


So I invite you to join Embodying Safety and become part of the solution...


Are you ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This self-study online course and guided journey starts as soon as you join. You'll get your first lesson within a few minutes of joining. 

No, Embodying Safety is not therapy, and it is nothing like therapy. It is an educational programme and is not a substitute for therapy. However many people find it more beneficial than therapy or find it brings a deeper level of healing to any therapy they are having, or have in the future.

Everything you will learn and practise is about self-healing. Most people find that they don't need therapy after doing this work. That being said, we do not offer crisis support, and this programme is for people who are open to learning, are ready to make changes, and are willing and able to do the work to make that happen.  

Having the right support is so important. There is a private facebook group just for the participants of this programme, where you will be guided, empowered and supported every step of the way through Embodying Safety, and even after it ends too... you get lifetime access to all the content and the community. 

Inside the facebook group, you'll be able to get answers to any questions you have, get support with what your learning and how to integrate that into daily life, and we'll help you appreciate all the good stuff and wins too. There's also a weekly live Q&A where you can get your questions answered live and connect with me and other members of our community too. 

You'll be supported by me and my team, as well as by others who are walking this journey alongside you. 

If you are not on facebook, and would prefer not to do so, we understand and appreciate that, and you will be able to ask questions and get support in the comments sections underneath the lessons and exercises in our course site. 

One of the beautiful things about Embodying Safety is that I purposely made it accessible for anyone who doesn't have much time. As a single working parent myself, I know that free time can be a rare thing! I also know how much you want things to change and get better. So I've designed this course to make things as easy as possible for you.

The lessons and exercises are only around 10 mins long so are easy to fit into your busy daily life, and there are regular "rest days" where you can catch up if you need or want to. That being said, the course is self-study, so you can go at any pace that feels right for you... and that's something I actively encourage as it's an essential part of your journey. The content is available on any device too, help you learn at the best time for you, and you have lifetime access. 

Due to the digital nature of this course, we don't offer any refunds... but we're sure that you wont be disappointed! 


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