Behaviour struggles can be incredibly difficult.


Parenting a child who has suffered trauma comes with an unique set of challenges.

It’s easy to look at behaviour and make assumptions about why our children are acting up or saying or doing the things they are.

But when you understand what’s really going on beneath their behaviour, everything can and does change.

So I’ve put together a FREE behaviour guide to help you...

What you’ll learn:


~ Discover common behaviours and the root causes of them so you can understand what’s REALLY going on for your child.

~ SIMPLE ways to connect with and respond to your child and strategies that you can use in-the-moment.

~ Solutions that will PREVENT some behaviour from happening in the first place.

~ What children need to make sense of themselves and the world around them, and REPAIR the damage caused by trauma and abuse,

~ Get information, tools and resources that will HELP guide you in your parenting journey sent directly to your inbox every week.

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